30 books that changed my life

30 Books That Changed My Life (+ Free Reading List)

I had this idea to share books that changed my life because I am turning 30 this week… I know, age is just a number, but still, 30… it’s something.

My mom always said that wisdom and confidence would come with the years… something you really don’t want to hear when you’re a teenager, but I can feel now that it’s definitely true.

To celebrate my 30th with you, I thought of sharing some of that wisdom by writing a 30 Lessons At 30 blog post. But then I realized that the more humble thing to do was to admit that most of what I learned came from some very wise people that were born before me.

Over the past years I’ve read many incredible books and today I want to honour those life teachers and share them with you.

In this blog post, I will share the 30 books that changed my life in one way or another. Maybe you know them, maybe not yet. In any case, I hope these books can help you grow wiser (and older) too.

I split them up roughly into my 8 life themes:


#1 The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

“When you complain, you make yourself a victim. Leave the situation, change the situation, or accept it. All else is madness” – Eckhart Tolle

The book that set off my personal growth journey. This quote is my life motto.

#2 The Surrender Experiment – Michael A. Singer

I am not one to go with the flow, (’if I just try a little harder…’) but this book was the first step to help me see that the most beautiful things come to us when we let go.

#3 The 5 Personality Patterns – Steven Kessler

Not your standard ‘personality types’ book. A beautiful combination between psychology and spirituality. This book made me understand myself better, and it made me a better coach.

#4 Proof of Heaven – Eben Alexander

What happens when a rational neurosurgeon has a near-death experience?

#5 The Afterlife Experiments – Gary Schwartz & William L. Simon

My rational, logical side really appreciated a book that use a scientific method to prove the existence of the afterlife. The findings in this book show that there’s about a 1 in a 3 billion chance that the results are based on chance.

#6 Christina, Twins Born as Light – Bernadette Von Dreien

A great book if you’re interested in indigo children, the rise of consciousness, and supernatural gifts.


Self-help & Mindset Books

#7 Mind to Matter – Dawson Church

We’re all so much more powerful than we think. Our minds can turn thoughts into things, there’s just no doubt.

#8 and #9 The Gifts of Imperfection & The Power of Vulnerability – Brene Brown

If you want to feel seen, understood, and accepted (aka: be more human, and less like a robot), these books will help. Brene Brown understands what it is to be wholly human.

#10 The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck – Mark Manson & #11 You Are a Badass – Jen Sincero

Easy reads to feel motivated to get your shit together.


Wealth & Money Books

#12 You are a Badass at Making Money – Jen Sincero

Jen has a way of making things sound easy, and besides, she is hilarious.

#13 Money Master the Game – Tony Robbins

A complete bible to getting financially educated.


Books to find purpose in work

#14 The Prosperous Coach – Rich Litvin & Steve Chandler

Every coach who’s done with icky sales and marketing strategies should read this. THIS is what coaching is about.

#15 Refuse to Choose – Barbara Sher

One of the first books written about Multipassionates, multipotentialites, scanners, etc. Super valuable insights.

#16 How to be Everything: A guide for those who (still) don’t know what they want to be when they grow up – Emily Wapnick

THE book for Multipassionates. You’re not weird, and you don’t have to choose.


Lifestyle & Productivity

#17 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey

#18 The Willpower Instinct – Kelly McGonigal

The biggest lesson in this book? Treat willpower as a muscle. It’s not strong if you don’t train it, you can overdo it, and everyone can become stronger.

#19 The 5 Second Rule – Mel Robbins

I didn’t know it then, but this ‘rule’ is what got me out of my worst anxiety episode in 2015.

#20 Atomic Habits – James Clear

Habit hacking is my favourite thing in the world. This book helps.

#21 Essentialism, the Disciplined Pursuit of Less – Greg McKeown

EVERY Multipassionate should read this.


Love & Relationships

#22 Spiritual Partnership – Gary Zukav

For anyone who is done with superficial relationships that are based on power, ego and fear. On how to truly connect with other human beings, love unconditionally, and build relationships that are not based on comfort, but help you grow.

#23 The 5 Love Languages – Gary Chapman

We all love in different ways. If we understand how we and our partners like to love and be loved, we understand each other better and deepen the connection.

#24 Essays in Love – Alain de Botton

#25 Non Violent Communication – Marshall b. Rosenberg

I could have placed this book in many categories, but since communication is a thing between two people I think it fits into the relationships category. Everyone should read this book (Honestly, I think it could solve pretty much every world conflict.)


Creativity & Play

#26 Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

About creativity, inspiration, and ‘the muse’.

#27 The Harry Potter Series – JK Rowling

It made me believe in magic (and I still do).



#28 Beyond the Pill – Jolene Brighton & #29 Taking Charge of Your Fertility – Toni Weschler

It took me almost 29 years as a woman on this planet to learn about my own fertility. I am pretty sure you’ll feel disappointed by your doctors and biology teachers after learning about your fertility, and the effects (and story) of the contraception pill. My #1 question after reading these books was: “Why the F don’t we learn this in school!?”

#30 All Medical Medium books – Anthony Williams

Throw away all your diet books, because this man just makes common sense. He’s not saying what you should or shouldn’t do, but there are definitely things that have a positive, and things that have a negative impact on your health. Following his advice has made me feel more balanced and healthy than ever, without feeling like I am being restrictive about my food.


As you can see, I love reading… And I would love to know your book tips, too! Please share them with me so I can add them to my reading list.

Oh, and pssst, I added a free Notion Template Reading list with all those book titles, so you only have to add yours. You can download it for FREE below!




30 books that changed my life

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