Ready to design a life around your passions?


Imagine a life with enough time for everything you love.

… A life with the freedom to pursue all of your passions.

… A life where all of your crazy dreams come true.

…A fulling life, answering to all parts of your multi-dimensional soul.


That life can be yours! 


Are you a busy multipassionate with ambitious goals in all areas of your life? And do you want the support to build the life of your dreams?


You are in the right place.

I believe you deserve a life that is true to you. And I believe we can make that happen. I’m here to support brilliant multipassionates and multipotentialites on their journeys of discovering, designing and living their dream lives.

What is Life Design? My approach:

Creating a life you love is like building your dream house. It all starts with a unique design: your big vision.

What do you want your life in all different areas to look like?

What matters to you?

What are your strengths?

What is your purpose?

How do you want to spend your time?

What tools are you going to use?

These are just a few of the many questions we will answer in our coaching conversations.

My coaching support is based around 3 pillars:

🗸 Creating More Focus – Purpose Coaching

🗸 Gaining More Freedom – Freedom & Career Coaching

🗸 Finding More Time – Productivity Coaching

I am here to show you how you can work towards what you want, one brick at a time.

Coaching Services for Multipassionates and Multipotentialites

Here’s how we can work together:


Become a master of your time & energy

Are you juggling 101 projects?

Do you feel overwhelmed by your task-list?

Do you feel like there’s never enough hours in a day?

And do you wonder if there is a way to ‘do it all’ without feeling tired and stressed out all of the time?

Book a free 45-minute discovery call and find out how we can work together



Find clarity, focus, and direction

Are you a multipassionate who:

… feels like the jack-of-all-trades but the master of the none?

… is all  over the place with their ideas, projects and passions?

… often feels confused and scattered?

And do  you ever wonder if there is a way to bring it all together and find the common thread?

Book a 1,5h intensive clarity session


Design a life with the freedom to pursue all of your passions

Do you feel stuck in the middle of your 1 million ideas, unable to make a choice?

Overthinking and worrying if you are good enough? 
Living a life that doesn’t feel true to your soul’s purpose?

You know a better life is possible for you. A life with more time, more freedom and more fulfillment… But you just don’t know how to make it happen.

Book a discovery call & let’s find out how I can help you design your dream life. 

What people say about me:

I followed MBB coaching with Hannah. I would definitely recommend it to everybody who wants to start an online business. Hannah gave me a lot of tools to improve my time management, overcome imposter syndrome, and become more confident. I felt a little bit overwhelmed before, but now I can proudly say, I’m working on an online business that is in line with my “life compass”. Thanks Hannah! It was nice to have you as my coach!


I love just about everything and learning is my biggest passion, which makes it kind of tough to find that one perfect business idea. Before MBB I hopped from one idea to another and I was stuck in one place. Hannah taught me how to find out those exact things that make me
happy, but also how to find out why I love those things. That alone gave me so much clarity. I came up with an idea that I am sure I will stick with this time. If you are in that place, hopping from one business idea to another, and you feel stuck, I think Hannah can really help you.


Before working with Hannah I was a typical Multipassionate going from one idea to another. I also wasn’t really on point with my values, who I am and what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. MBB gave me a deep understanding of who I am, what my values are, and what actually drives my passions and decisions in life. Secondly it also helped me to get organized, both in my head and on paper. I would definitely recommend MBB with Hannah because she’s super passionate about what she does, and she’s always there to give you that kick in the butt whenever you need that extra nudge.


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