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The Multipassionate

A hub for multipassionates, multipotentialites, creative generalists & the multidimensial

The Multipassionate is a hub for multipassionates, multipotentialites, creative generalists and the multidimensional who are ambitious in all areas of their lives.

My goal with The Multipassionate is to help you pursue all of your passions, make all of your dreams come true and become the best version of yourself in the process.

With my 2 types of services, I help you find more focus, more time, and more freedom so you can focus on what you love doing most.

Coaching Services

🗸 Productivity Coaching

🗸 Mindset Coaching

🗸 Freedom Coaching

🗸 Purpose Coaching

Virtual Assistance

√ Proces Optimization

√ Social Media

√ Copy Writing

√ Administration

Why I created the Multipassionate – My story

The Multipassionate

I was the kid with the 20 different hobbies.

In school being the jack of all trades never felt like a problem to me. But as I got older, and realized I needed to choose a career- I suddenly felt lost. I didn’t want to choose, and I wondered if I would ever find a career I could stick with.

When I first came across the term ‘Multipassionate’ something clicked, and a weight fell off my shoulders: I finally knew that I wasn’t crazy. That there was a word for people like me. And even more: that I could be wildly successful doing what I loved. All of it.

I started to believe it was possible, and decided to take control over my life, there just had to be another way.

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