Organise your Multipassionate
life with Notion

What is Notion?

Notion is an all-in-one productivity tool. You can use it to take and store your notes, track your habits, manage your tasks and projects and organize your data.

Notion allows you to build a productivity system (a.k.a. second brain) that works for you. It’s almost like building an online book, or a website of your life from scratch.

It all starts with a blank page…

You can use Notion as your…

🗸 Project manager
🗸 Content database
🗸 To-do list
🗸 Note-taking app
🗸 Reading list
🗸 Website

Why I use Notion

As Multipassionates, our lives are this big beautiful mess of passions, interests, projects and plans. We don’t like to be put into a box… We don’t like to focus on one thing at a time…

But yet, we do long for a way to create structure so that we can actually move forward in all of these different life areas.

Before discovering Notion I used Trello, and although it’s not a bad tool, it lacked the flexibility and the structure I was looking for. It felt limited.

Notion gave me the necessary structure, without putting my plans into boxes.

What I love about this tool is it’s flexibility, and the hybrid way you can connect your pages and databases.

Bonus points: If you are a very visual person like my, and you love pretty pictures, planning out your projects with colourful markers and mindmaps: Notion is your tool, I promise.


What I offer:

Although Notion is, in my opinion, the tool with the most flexibility and options to create a productivity system that works for you, maybe because of that, it’s not super intuitive for first time users. I remember feeling quite confused and overwhelmed the first time I opened the app.

Now, I am a little bit of a tech nerd, but I know not everyone loves to spend time figuring out how tech works: it just needs to be functional, right?

That’s why I offer services for anyone that wants to use the benefits of Notion, without doing all the pre-work.

I want everyone to experience what I have with Notion: A second brain that stores all of my crazy ideas, my plans, and my million to-read, to-do, & to-go lists in one place, AND in an organized way that makes sense to me.


I am continuously creating ready-to-use-templates that you can download for free, or for a small price.

These templates can help you design your perfect productivity system, without having to figure out everything yourself.

Customized Workspace

Are you looking for an all-in-one workspace that does exactly what you want?

I design customized workspaces for (small) business owners, solopreneurs, or creative multipassionates who want to build their second brain, but have no idea where to start.

Maybe you’ve tried different tools like Asana, Trello, or Airtable but you haven’t found that one tool that really works for you.

A tool that shows you exactly what you need to do, who to contact and when, tracks the status of your projects visually, and let’s you plan out your weeks, keep your notes and store your important data.

Or maybe you’re looking for something really specific, like a CRM system, a profit-first implementation, a shared team workspace, or a course-platform.

I can create it for you.

Schedule a call to find out how we can work together.

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